What makes Ukraine one of the most attractive outsourcing destinations?

Ukraine is capturing a great amount of attention as one of the most attractive outsourcing destination. With the highest IT outsourcing market volume, number of IT companies and IT specialists operating in the industry among other CEE countries, Ukraine is one of the main nearshore destination for West European and UK companies and offshoring destination for North American businesses.

The features that make Ukraine so attractive for outsourcing include such incentives as visa-free entry, simplified tax structures and construction of hi-tech parks. Currently the country shows great progress in terms of government incentives to create favorable conditions for conducting business and for successful international partnerships.

The availability of extensive IT talent pool and educational systems which are mainly focused on engineering specialties ensures that industry gets highly qualified IT workforce. In 2010 the number of IT specialists working in IT outsourcing industry reached more than 20,000 people.

Ukraine shows the high rates of market growth among other CEE countries in terms of the volume of IT outsourcing services exported. However, growing technical expertise and demand for IT specialists has led to increasing labor costs. But with highly skilled labor that is still far cheaper than in Western Europe or North America. Lots of factors like good quality of works, multiple languages skills, favorable time zones and an established business infrastructure are making Ukraine a natural choice for all companies looking to outsource their IT works.

Primarily because of availability of talent, high quality of delivered products and services and good understanding of business needs, Ukraine has a great potential to become perfect IT outsourcing destination.