Educational system in Ukraine facilitates the development of IT outsourcing sector

IT outsourcing sector in Ukraine employs over 20,000 IT specialists and this figure is likely to grow over the next years. The availability of extensive IT talent pool and educational systems which have strong focus on fundamental engineering education ensures that outsourcing industry gets highly qualified IT workforce.

Ukraine has a long standing reputation as major technology region, with a well-developed scientific and educational base:

  • Ukraine was ranked 32 in Education on the 2009 Legatum Prosperity Index of 104 countries – ahead of India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and other popular outsourcing destinations
  • The literacy rate in Ukraine is almost 100% and about 70 percent of adult population has secondary or higher education
  • Ukraine has more than 800 higher education institutions and in 2010 the number of graduates reached 654,700 people

In terms of IT services outsourcing, Ukraine primarily places emphasis on its deep IT talent pool. With 16,000 IT specialists graduating from Ukrainian universities each year, the country holds the fourth position in the world in the number of certified IT specialists, following the USA, India, and Russia. On top of that, the experts recognize both quantitative and qualitative potential of the Ukrainian specialists.

The presence of technical universities and strong science schools fueled the rapid increase in the number of IT outsourcing and software development companies in Ukraine. And now everyone – from Microsoft and Google to small start-ups – seems to be looking for talented programmers and developers. This rising demand for software engineers encourages recruiters and outsourcing companies to go on campus. On-campus recruiting is very popular in Ukraine, especially for students focused in programming, software engineering, and computer science.

In order to attract young IT specialists Ukrainian software development and IT outsourcing companies are partnering with technical universities and colleges. To bridge the gap between classical education and real business and technical process companies are offering additional courses and lessons  involving students directly in hands-on projects to show them how math skills can help them construct models and solve problems.

Technological potential of graduates in Ukraine is one of the primary reasons along with low labor costs why Western European and North American companies choose to outsource to Ukraine.