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Global Recognition of Ukraine’s IT Outsourcing Industry and Its Market Players

Ukraine is increasingly becoming more and more popular as an IT outsourcing destination. Many experts agrees that such advantages as unique geographical location, the availability of extensive IT talent pool, strong scientific legacy, and cost benefits make Ukraine a natural choice for outsourcing.


Doing Business in Ukraine

Ukraine’s geographical and cultural proximity to both the European Union countries and Russia, large quantity of its consumers and the physical size of the country make it an excellent location for businesses to expand locally and regionally.

Global Strategy

Why should you consider outsourcing IT

IT outsourcing can benefit businesses of all sizes, including middle and small sized companies as it allows reducing costs for the development and supporting business growth. There are many reasons why company should consider outsourcing as a great option.


The Ukraine is an undisputed leader in the CEE outsourcing market

The Ukraine is getting a great amount of attention as a very attractive outsourcing destination. Being ranked the first by the volume of IT outsourcing services provided, in the number of IT outsourcing companies operating in the market and in the number of IT specialists working in the industry among 16 Central and Eastern European countries,


Ukrainian Government is to support IT education

Ukraine is one of the leaders in the European outsourcing space being ranked the first in the volume of IT outsourcing services provided among 16 countries of the CEE region according to “CEE IT Outsourcing Review 2010”. One of the preconditions of the IT outsourcing industry development is the availability of extensive talent pool.